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As a school teacher, and family entertainer, Ron talks a lot. Years and years of talking (and singing) to audiences have not only served well in his developing time-tested and effective communication techniques, but they allowed Ron to hone his own character - a style that can equally entertain and inform people, from "ages two to ninety-five."

Ron is versatile, but overall, his sound and style comes down to what he calls"the three Es" - energetic, entertaining, and engaging!He credits his style to "role reversal - what and how would I want to hear about this topic? How would I be interested in this?" He then finds the "vibe" - a tempo and pitch that fits the message, event, and yes, the audience.

And the audiences are many - to date a varied list of companies and organizations have utilized used Ron's talents his voice to their Internet ads, videos, audio books, and more.  

"He can actually adapt to almost any audience, and engage their attention," says longtime client Mike Casale. "He has a certain, catchy energy - he makes listeningfun, entertaining, and informative."