Here's something different: how many

voice artists get to narrate a video 

feature done by someone else, but about

themselves? Well, this video also features

Ron's family.


Trivia: Ron not only narrates this piece,

           but wrote the copy.

Ron is such a good voice artist, he stays warmed up in cold weather - 20 degree weather, in fact. Well, he

was dancing, too. This is off-the-cuff stuff.

Style:  upbeat announcer

Trivia:parts of this clip were licensed by                  the ABC Family Network!

Ron is regularly hired to "add a voice" to events

of all kinds.

Style: informative, fun

Here are some unique examples of Ron's voice, in video clips.

Ron in DJ/Emcee Mode

Betabrand's "Model Citizen" Series


ph: 201-927-6085


Live announcing/emcee